About Us

At Cardboard Products and Services our team is committed to responding to the needs of our customers.

We started life as Cardboard Box Company back in 1985. And is still going strong today as Cardboard Products and Services, and our passion for the business has not wavered. Whereas our core values have not changed, the process of providing our customers with the product they need has been influenced by advances in technology. The move to cutting of our die boards with state of the art laser technology is a classic example of this.

As we grew, it became apparent that we were able to offer our customers more than the cardboard boxes they needed to pack their products. Although that aspect of the business forms the heart of our enterprise, the services that we have built up over the years enhance this core business to the degree that we can proudly say… “if it is made from cardboard we can probably make it.”

No job is too small. Cardboard Products and Services can provide small runs at very competitive prices, as well as the capacity to run much larger jobs while still being able to meet customer deadlines. In addition to this, for those customers who have some time up their sleeve, we have developed relationships with overseas manufacturing centres that can fulfil larger orders at much reduced prices.